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 National Cathedral Outside - July 2004

Most of the carvings in these pictures are "grotesques" not "gargoyles".  Rain water bounces off of grotesques where as gargoyles have pipes (gutters) running through them.  I will try to point out which is which. 

Main entrance (facing east)

Darth Vader grotesque. About 120 feet off the ground on the east side. A small furry creature is to the left

A skull and bird grotesque. On the same side as Darth Vader, it is often confused for him from the ground

Back of the east side

East side looking west

One of the many entrances

Statue at the entrance

Carving above the door

Tower looking south

Tower looking south

West side of the east tower

West side of east tower looking east

North tower looking south

A grotesque

Statue between the doors

Another statue at a door

Fountain in the gardens between the west and east towers

East tower looking west

East tower looking east

Tower looking north

Tower looking north

Here is a gargoyle!

A flower grotesque on the south side

Cat and rose (I think) grostesques on the south side

Cat and bird grotesque on the south side


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